10 June 2008

I got the music in me!

I love most kinds of music. Opera and most rap leave me cold. I think it is because I was blessed with such great vision at birth. Below is an example of the letter I can read with my left eye on an eye chart.

That being said, I decided that since I have recently purchased the best sounding earbuds ever I need a player to compliment them. I introduce you to the Cowon(bet you never heard of it!). As an open source type person the Cowon really appeals to me as it not only plays every Digital Rights Managed(read, never 'own' the song), tune ever released, it also plays Ogg Vorbis files.

16 gigs of auditory bliss, scrumptious! Plus, the 60 hour battery life is appealing.
I will wave when I see you in line at the Apple Store for your *.pod....


Val said...

ooh la la! Ya know my birthday is coming up.... ;)

Hunters Glory said...

so is mine uh wink wink! (and i am not in line at the apple store)