14 May 2008

best ever

Here's the story:
I got a great deal on a refurbished mp3 player as a b-day present from me to me back in March. Had 20 gigs of storage and cost £40. I didn't care if it was scratched or whatever, as long as it worked. Well, it didn't. I dutifully sent it back to the website for a replacement. Of course they don't stock this item any longer and would I be interested in anything else? Advanced MP3 Players is where I purchased the player. They may not be the cheapest place to buy audio toys, but they sure have one of the best selections I have ever seen. Anyway, I looked around and decided to splash out on some new ear buds.
I have never in my life heard music on this level before. These are my first in ear buds and the bass is incredible. The only drawback is that when music is playing you really can't hear anything else. Really makes me look both ways several times before crossing the street now. I would recommend these to anyone that has a need for portable audio. In fact, after I ordered I was reading up on em and found this testimonial....
“There’s nothing out there like Ultimate Ears. There is no debate...they’re the best in the business!”
Tony Romo, Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.


Val said...

careful crossing ;)

Hunters Glory said...

ok they are on my list of must haves!