10 August 2008

On hiatus

Curtailing the web presence a bit.

04 August 2008

door hardware sport

Isn't that a great name for a sport? It gets better, and I quote,
The nice thing about lockpicking is that you can practice just about anywhere. A long journey by rail, or are you obligated to go along to a boring lecture? Bring a couple of difficult locks with you, and your day will not be long enough!

This knowledge will also be good after Peak Oil.

03 August 2008


Or as settled as I will allow myself to get. Only wifi access, and that sux. I don't care how 'good' the wifi connection works, I don't want to rely on it, give me CAT5 please.

I am here If you go up Lilac to Cherry to Broomhill to a right on Nottingham Road over to Bestwood Rd, up to Story Gardens. Down to the bottom, then left up some steps and there is the Tramline! Welcome to my world. Is really cool doing the urbannocarthang.

I have less carbon footprint than yooouu...neener neener neener!

01 August 2008

Move along

Decided to move the Ross Sisters down a post(what a screen cap though!).

Oh yeah, I am here. Move 98.4% complete.