30 August 2010


Fear is being hospitalized for a week with no insurance and sent home with an open wound. Should have stayed in the UK methinks.

23 August 2010

You know wha' they say: See a broad to get that bodiac lay'er down an' smack 'em yack 'em.

So, the Justice Department is going to fill nine positions for Ebonics experts.

I really worry about the inmates running our asylum.

21 August 2010


I read today that the US is in active negotiations with the Taliban for some kind of 'settlement'.

Now, I will not pretend to be privy to any information other than what I have seen on the media for the last 15 or 20 years; however I have seen news stories outside the US shores so I feel there is some truth in them.

I don't think that these people can be reasoned with on any level. They are just like the Westboro church fanatics. Their way of the highway.

If we are going to use a military solution then tell the indigenous populations that anyone holding a weapon is considered an enemy and deal with it accordingly.

If it is not to be a military solution then bring our soldiers home and let the locals deal with it.

Oh yeah, we have to make the region safe so our version of unfettered capitalism has some cheap labor.

20 August 2010

For Sale

1stdibs has an amazing 1970's era Lucite Organ for sale.

19 August 2010

Giant Bubbles on the Beach

I used to have a similar bubble making device. Never did it at a beach; however it really does draw crowds! Good times!

18 August 2010

Modern stoves.

The Hi-fire at the Design Blog is one sweet looking cooking appliance!

I really like this Vulcan Stove by Arthur Senant. You can check this out at yatzer.com.

Zero-material seating

The OOoo chair., by Decker Yeadon.

17 August 2010

Directors cut for Gilligan's Island


Shuffler is a great way to listen to music online. It takes you to a blog and plays a track from that artists site. I have only tried the folk; however there is hip hop, indie, electronic etc.

Thanks to Mark F @ boing boing for the heads up!

16 August 2010

Some days you just need this

Amanda Palmer

This young lady is an incredible artist/musician!

Plus, she is Neil Gaiman's babe. Or, Neil Gaiman is her main squeeze.

Amateur art

Some good stuff up in here! Lotte's Artwork

Look at all the cobwebs.

Ok then. This thing's is a little creaky; however it is still serviceable.