23 August 2011


Is this still here? Do tell.

Well, things are much worse than we could ever dream. Our plutocracy is evolving nicely. FSM help us all.

06 November 2010

King Jimmy

KJV or The King James Version of the Bible was first published in 1611.

To me, this means that all the changes that needed to be made over the years to
suit the powers that be had already been included.

That being said, here is an interesting piece from Boston.com.

31 October 2010

So long Pontiac

Boy, when I was a young teen I wanted a GTO in the worst way. That car personified the whole 'Muscle' car thing for me.

Maybe if they hadn't made the Sunfire they might still be around.

28 October 2010

This is just not right

NPR has an interesting story on how the Arizona immigration law began.

I know the got rocks will spin this as best for the country; however a shadow group of corporations including a private prison group should have ZERO say in making laws.

27 October 2010


I admit to liking this 'genre'; however when taken with the eye of Charlie Stross it doesn't look like so much fun.

Mr Stross has a great blog post on Steampunk entitled, 'The Hard Edge of Empire'.

25 October 2010

Life does fashion

I may be bleeding into blah blah's territory; however it is a big ole internet.

Life magazine has a photo slideshow of some of their covers featuring fashion over the years.

21 October 2010

Three Dee Tee Vee

You can't avoid it. '3DTV Without Glasses!'


Here is how the powers-that-be want you to believe 3DTV looks like:

                                   Below is actually how it looks.

Actually the Time Tunneltm effects work pretty good and cost us nada.

This holiday season consumers should spend friviously and spend often!