09 February 2008


With the Super Bowl(World Championship game and only one country involved?), still fresh in my mind I watched The Six Nations rugby series today. Whilst watching Scotland v Wales I was struck with how when they were playing the national anthems of each country, their fans were all singing at the top of their lungs. Plus, all the players from each team had their arms around each others shoulders in a line and every player was singing their country's anthem. Flashback to the Super Bowl. I think I saw one player from either team even act like they were singing, let alone even cared that it was being played.

Wales whupped Scotland btw.


Hunters Glory said...

Interesting observation...AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Val said...

Well you know us...I was singing at the top of my lungs. Did that count?

Mom even made Dylan's pot head friends stand up (who were out on the porch, mind you) . True story.

i8dbbq said...

Yes it does count, and 'hear hear' for your mom! Sadly, you guys weren't televised.