10 February 2008


I am fast becoming a fan of Rugby. Man, do those guys hit hard! I know my colonial friends will say the NFL hits harder, and they do, but they also wear armor.
Anyway, I am starting to get a grip with the why's of the game. Is really hard being raised on NFL to see guys dive at the ball and when they hit the ground no one can touch the ball, and the ref is right in it. Is really cool.
I understand line outs and scrums and why they get some penalties. Plus, England won today against Italy.
A note of weirdness, just as I am getting comfortable with what is called Rugby Union, I discover there is also Rugby League or Super League. In League there are no scrums and they get 6 tackles or downs before they have to kick away. Makes for a faster game I guess, but I think I like the original better. It seems there are a lot of Aussies in Rugby League and a lot of Kiwis in Rugby Union, go figure. At least I have a sport I can get into now that American Football is over for the year.

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