03 January 2008

I know, it's only rock n roll....

You me and the milkman know that we are all criminals in the eyes of the corporate world. How else do you explain digital rights management on downloaded tracks that you paid for. Windows Genuine Advantage so you have to tell the people you bought the product from that you bought the product. There are ways around this, but it takes poking the head above ground and looking around. As for music there is a website called Soundclick.
You making music? Post it on soundclick, let me hear it. Better yet, let me hear it without some record company hack raping you as an artist and raping me as a potential criminal. I just want to hear it.
A buddy of mine and his compadre have a band called Woodnickel. Is in the folk, country, classic rock vein. But it is always real. They have a slide show video to an original song called Soldier.
Is worth a few minutes of time, if for no other reason to help Woodnickel move up the Soundclick charts.

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