03 January 2008


My daughter has been blogging for a while and I really get a kick out of her insights and what is happening in her life. Is like eaves dropping, but they let you. With that in mind I decided to try my hand at this new fangled interweb phenomenon.
Welcome to Whisky A GoGo! If you are here you are really bored, but that is cool...as a civilization we are all bored.
My Mission Statement for my blog is to make you laugh and really get offended. I am very good at both.
Sometimes I will have original thoughts, other times I will posting links to places I have trolled on the pipes. Oh yeah, I love tech, tec, Tek and technology, just ask me.
I lean toward Libertarianism in the political sphere, so please don't hate me.

Short Bio: Male

Longer Bio: Married for the second time(glutton for punishment I am), 3 amazing children and 3 wonderful grandchildren(the tree branches ever outward).
Living in the UK and having a pretty good time. Miss home(Tejas), and the fam, but like the European take on working conditions much better than the US. Not really goal oriented, food shelter, bills paid and broadband make me happy. I like to read most anything, but lean toward speculative fiction and historical fiction. I like music somewhat. I can't tell you where Beethoven was when he wrote the seventh, but I sure like Gogol Bordello and Hank III(and 1 and 2).

As an older person(see grandchildren line above), we stayed home on NYE and I watched American football(the missus was on the laptop), and listened to classic rock hits from the late 60's early 70's. We decided 71 and 72 are the best, but that could have been the drinking involved also. At 12 we switched to the BBC and watched the fireworks on television(exciting, huh?). Was actually really good. I am attaching a screen capture I made from my recording of said fireworks.

Going to try and be regular at this, so check back.....thanks for popping in.

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Val said...

Wow, I'm insightful, huh? Who knew? I'd say we should get Candita and Dylan on the blog-wagon as well, but look at how well Scrabble turned out, and thats a damn game, no work involved....too bad. I guess it's just me and Dad, boldly going where thousands have gone before us!