20 July 2008

ikan billis

I bought a bag of dried anchovies at the Asian store and they have been laying in the cupboard as I didn't know exactly how I was going to use them. Today I Googled dried anchovies and found a recipe for ikan billis(from a Korean website). Is dried anchovies, 3-4 sliced hot peppers, a sliced onion and a tb of garlic mixed with flour and water then fried. Pretty dang good if I say so. Not to rest on my laurels(and as I still have half a bag of anchovies), I kept looking and found an Indonesian recipe that will be made soon.....



500gr dried anchovies (ikan bilis a.k.a ikan teri kering)
2-3 tablespoons Chilli paste
15 cloves garlic, sliced
Vegetable oil


Take a double kitchen towel then add two handfuls of dried anchovies to it.
Dropped some vegetable oil on your hand then rubbed completely into dried anchovies. Process with microwave about 4 minutes until crispy, continue steps above until your dried anchovies are completely done. Set aside.

Keep it ready your sliced garlic, fry until aroma to golden brown--don’t forget keep watching while frying other wise it will get burnt and will taste bitter, set aside.

In a wok add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil then heat it up to a medium fire, take 2 tablespoons chilli paste depending on how much spicy you want to be--means that you can add more chilli paste if needed.
Stirring about a minute then add the dried anchovies which had done by microwave process.

Continue to fry until the chilli paste and dried anchovies are well blended.
Remove from the heat then sift them out using a plastic basket with medium holes on purpose to get rid of unwanted granules.
lastly, toss your crispy garlic then keep it into a tight container.

Store in a dry area to make them last long.

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Val said...

On man I ALMOST got these at Chili's the other day :P