08 July 2008

Firework horror follow up

The other day I mentioned how 11 people out of over three hundred million died in 2006 because they were idiots and had fireworks. Seems like a good reason for media fear mongering. Like sars and bird flu, I am sure all 15 Asian families are saddened by the loss of loved ones.
In my follow up I have some stats from future leaders(read Republicans you think?). I know I said Republicans, but some of em claim to have a 'wide stance' later in life when they are caught playing gay footsie in a public toilet.
The numbers are so horrible, you may want to look away. I quote...

An Associated Press analysis of federal records found that 157 college-age people, 18 to 23, drank themselves to death from 1999 through 2005,

Wow! That is 26.2 idiots a year dying by their drinking in college. Look to the future and be proud(but don't take a laptop to the airport).