11 June 2008


I have been complaining about the sight in my good eye for a few years. There are days where I feel I am going blind and that there is something in my eye. Went to one of the NHS stellar physicians and he told me it was because I was aging and to hold a warm wash cloth under my eye, thanks doc, glad you didn't cost me nothing. The last 2 eye exams I mention my fears, but as these were people younger than my kids and paid by the hour it was really a waste of time.
I had another occurrence today. My eye was all red, water pouring out and worst of all I can't read the emails and letters I have to deal with at work. Needless to say I got a bit stressed.
I went to the hospital and to(I love this), Eye Casualty. The doctor there looked in the 'good' eye, then the affected eye, then repeated, then said yep. He then went to explain that I have recurrent corneal erosion(his words were corneal dystrophy, but as Jerry Lewis ain't doing no telethons for me I pick what I call it), one of the lovely Corneal Dystrophies. This is the part my children will love, it is inherited. See kids, told you I was a giving father!
Aparently there are 2 ways to get it. If either parent has it the chances are 50-50. The other is that neither parent has it, but they are carriers, odds here are one in four.
It is easily treated according to the doc, he gave me some eye cream(ugh), and some drops. I am also scheduled to see a specialist. Sounds really scary, and is when you don't know what it is, but now that I know why I have had this feeling and fear for several years I feel better.

I was thinking if I get a cornea transplant from a serial killer will I see all their crimes?


Hunters Glory said...

think it might have been dem maters you ate?

Sorry to hear you are having trouble man...hope all is better for you soon.

Val said...

At least you know what it is...I'm glad the stress level is decreasing for you :D
I love you Dad-even if you do possibly give me creepy diseases