25 April 2008

How convenient

Man oh man how I have tried. I have tried to not mention politics or other such nonsense that just irritates the hell out of me. I know I should be more concerned with who got booted from Dancing With the Stars, but that ain't gonna happen.
Why am I snippy? After the terrorist attacks in the US in 2001, all of a sudden Iraq became the 'enemy'. Why? Because they had weapons of mass destruction we were told. Cost Colin Powell his integrity didn't it? Then, when it became obvious Saddam didn't have a hand grenade, let alone a nuke it became, Al Qaeda insurgents are in Iraq. Ok, maybe, but not until we got here. Now, as the other threats just weren't true to begin with, we find out that Iran is supplying arms to insurgents in Iraq.
I know you are missing your programs, so I will stop now.