20 March 2008

Why oh why

Over here in Jolly Olde they have Ofcom. The US has the FCC. The main difference is Ofcom has some teeth. That being said I believe The Empire® is doomed.
They want to allow British commercial television more commercial breaks than they already do, and, get this, they want to use the American model! Sad times.
I quote:
"Ofcom recognises the possible concerns of viewers about the amount and intrusiveness of television advertising and particularly welcomes their views.

"On the other hand, Ofcom must also take account of the contribution made by advertising revenue to paying for the choice of television services that viewers enjoy."

It's the end of the world, you flip on the tv and see that the Apocalypse is brought to you by Doritos New Baked Rice Snacks, in 7 Yummy Flavors!

I mean, I like money, I like what money allows me to do, not as much as Eliot Spitzer maybe, but I like my money. Everything for a buck is just not the way to go. But then I am also a pauper, so, go figure.

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