27 March 2008


Last Friday I went out with some pals from work to celebrate the big five oh. We started at a place called BZR(in English, Bee Zed Arr).
After a couple of drinks...

..after a couple of more drinks...

no beer goggles needed

Then, we all hopped the tram and rode to a funky pub called the Frog and Onion to see a band one of the girls knew.

after that it was loud and a bit blurry, but I got photographic proof!


Hunters Glory said...

Five OH!
Happy Birthday for the 50th time !

Looks like you had a time!
Some babes over yonder you hangin with as well!

Any trouble gettin dem candles blown out?

Val said...

Oh you saucy minx!
Happy b-day pops :D