07 February 2008

Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

The British Home Office has released a report stating that the current level of police officers in England and Wales was unsustainable and has to be cut.
Maybe growing up in the US has made me more tolerant of shows of force as I never see any here. Hence roving gangs of young people are never challenged. Where I grew up if a cop saw 3-4 teens just hanging around doing nothing they would be told to move along or at least hassled a little bit. Here, nothing, they do as they please.
The Home Secretary commented a couple of weeks ago that she was afraid to walk alone on the street at night, and they want to decrease the level of police?


Val said...

Not good...I'm personally a big fan of hassling teenage groups...or any group really.

Cutting the police force can't be the best option...Do like here and just cut teachers salaries, health care for seniors, and farmer subsidies.

Then you'll have plenty of cops to abuse the panhandling professors, vagrant veterans, and hobo horticulturists.

Hunters Glory said...

I think you need more teen age groups! Maybe more hoodlums will secure the force.

Must be nice to have key-stoners w/ too little to do from those that see it dat uh way. Sounds political too me.