27 February 2008

Slept right through it

What a trip! A 5.3 earthquake with an epicenter(oops, epicentre), around 28 miles away and I was cuttin' some zzzzz's. Didn't feel a thing. Better check the trash cans.....

Update: 18:30
Everyone else felt it. The BBC story this morning kept showing this small pile of bricks and looking up at a chimney. The reporter said, "It was a very British earthquake." But being a very 'British' earthquake means...claims for structural damage and broken belongings were set to run into tens of millions of pounds.
I couldn't even claim any trauma because I slept through it.
Got home had been downgraded to a 5.2

1 comment:

Val said...

Wowza!! What a trip.
That's a lotta dinero for an earthquake...And you slept through it! Too funny.