02 February 2008

Sex-Ed Saturdays

My friend, David, will love this. My little brother may not be so happy.

Men with the name ‘Dave’ are in for a pleasant surprise, for a poll has revealed that Brit women think that blokes with the title are the best endowed.

But sad news for the name ‘Ray’, as it conjures up the most disappointing visions in the trouser department.

John Sewell, boss of onepoll.com, which questioned 1,000 British women to list the monikers, which sounded most, and least, likely to belong to a well-packaged man.

“It is interesting to see women’s pre-conceptions revealed,” The Sun quoted Swell, as saying.

The list of ‘big names’:

  1. Dave
  2. Paul
  3. Steve
  4. James
  5. Mark
  6. Robert
  7. Chris
  8. Andy
  9. Richard
  10. Dan
The list of ‘small names’:

1. Ray

2. Brian

3. Nigel

4. Frank

5. Keith

6. Jeremy

7. Josh

8. Barry

9. Dennis

10. Nick