14 January 2008

Tonsil Tuesdays

I have decided that I need a theme for each day of the week. Not that each days bog will just be that theme, but kind of a way for me to be lazy and do a quickie post. With that being said I bring you Tonsil Tuesdays!

As I understand it they don't really do tonsillectomies anymore. So todays misbegotten youth can't use that lie to further bemoan their pitiful cell phone, game console, computer in their bedroom room lives. I will never forget the 'lie'. They tricked us by saying we could have all the ice cream we wanted afterward. Well, you don't want anything because you are in agony! Sure, in a final act of defiance you make 'em give you some ice cream, but you can't eat it because it hurts so bad. I am still recovering from the deep emotional scars of that experience. Thank goodness for the internet and blogging so I can whine about it.


Val said...

Jade's pretty scarred from her tonsillectomy experience....Lord that was awful! "Well, you don't want anything because you are in agony!" So true, so true!

So do you have a whole tonsil tuesday series ready?
"Tonsils: Friend of foe?"
"Tonsils: Not just decoration anymore"
"Tonsils: The underdog of the gullet"
I can see this being very popular ;)

i8dbbq said...

Maybe more offbeat..
Tonsils: Takes two to tango
Quit talking through your nose!
Adenoid:Why oh why!
and for adults only, The undulating uvula....