26 January 2008

Sex-Ed Saturday

Shanghai Worker Fired Over Kissing Video

BEIJING (AP) - Shanghai's subway operator has fired an employee who uploaded security camera video of a couple kissing on one of its trains to the Internet, Chinese media said Friday.

The company has also offered compensation and an apology to the pair, who could be identified from the video, and were reportedly shamed and harassed over its appearance on sites such as YouTube.

The video reportedly showed the couple kissing and embracing.

"We have wrapped up an internal investigation and found the videotape was uploaded by people who had worked for Shanghai Metro," the company said in a statement quoted by the official Xinhua News Agency.

"We made formal apologies and are negotiating with the couple over compensation," the statement said.

Xinhua said the company's probe found three employees had been involved in the incident, two of whom quit last September for reasons it did not explain.

Xinhua identified the dismissed employee as a woman. Her name was not given.

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