13 January 2008

Sad times indeed

The British government rejected an online petition that would have allowed British citizens to own elephants as pets. I feel I would be much safer if I had a watch elephant guarding my home. Imagine my watch elephant(I call him B'wanna), grabbing some ne'er do well near my pad with his/her trunk and slamming them into the neighbors house. Wait, this is Britain and the burglar could then sue me for loss of income because they were injured....never mind.
Oh well, maybe I can get a rhino as a pet..........

1 comment:

Val said...

ne'er do well? really? GB has gotten to you pop... ;)
at least your country has ppl thinking about the ramifications of wild animals as pets. 'Member the lion who was 'playfully' batting cars around on the highway in Ohio a month back? yikes!