24 January 2008


Was ruminating about things gone past and The Unbelievable Bubble Thing came to mind.
If you haven't heard of this it is a 'toy' that makes the biggest soap bubbles ever. EVAR! The Guiness record for largest soap bubble was made with this. Will draw a crowd and stop traffic. I was in the Dallas Public Library gift shop and saw it about 14-15 years ago, bought it on a whim and was amazed! It is that cool! I hope my son still has it.
It is available from klutz publishing, Amazon and a host of other websites.
I don't work for klutz, but I bet it is a cool place to be employed.
Here is a movie on You Tube...no embedding allowed on it I'm afraid.

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Val said...

Oh man, I hadn't thought about this in forevah...Might have to do a little shoppin later :D