30 January 2008

Is it just me?

Every day there is some story about health and how if we don't eat one way, drink that way or walk this way.
What lead to this rant is this story about the Super Bowl being a health hazard. Sigh.
The last 40 years or so have seen the factions that have decided how we all must live have been spouting propaganda about smoking, helmets, seat belts, transfats, whole milk, diving boards, trampolines, ad nauseum.
After a generation they decide what they have been yapping about is truth and the only truth and everyone has to live that way. Makes one wonder how we ever made it this far. It's for our own good I am lead to believe, but I wonder. If I get my pro-biotic, eat my five a day vegetables, limit any alcohol intake to one ultra light zero alcohol beer on Super Bowl Sunday, I still am at risk because of the stress from my team not playing good enough. If I survive the stress then I should live to be however old I live. But, is that living? I want to look dead when I go, or in little pieces if I am in an explosion.
Ok..no more rant...going to go find the highest sulfite wine I can and have a glass in a bathtub full of MSG.

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Val said...

ooh ooh new theme

I saw this too...'Tards. Live a little for petes sake!