06 January 2008

First comments!

Wow, so someone is actually going to read this thing? I better get a shave and put some clothes on.
The first post was from my daughter, who only did it to shame me 'cause I never commented on hers. That has changed, oh, how it has changed.
The honor of the first non familial post goes to Mr R Carrera! Congratulations sir, you have just won an all expense paid trip to Rancho Cucamonga, Ca! You and a friend will receive complimentary tickets to The Epicenter to see the Quakes with free hot dog vouchers. But wait, that's not all. Before the entertainment you and your friend will be treated to dinner at Lucille's Barbecue! Sponsored by Google. Remember, with Google, everywhere is home!

What I mean is I am non-plussed that one of my posts was commented on, let alone read, even if it was a somber one.

Happy Sunday y'all

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