25 January 2008

Audio players

If everyone doesn't have a huge collection of music on their PC then they ain't paying attention. Back in the day Winamp was the one. Then the developers got AOL'd. Now it is only the best a Windows© machine can do.
Have no fear Windoze and fruit flavored calculator users, KDE is porting to other operating systems.
What this means is Amarok, only the best computer based music player available for free, or to put in perspective, it is better than any PC based music player out there, purchased or otherwise.
If you have a music collection this baby will sort and rate and cajole and just generally give you more options for your tunes than you ever thought possible. It rawks! It streams, it sorts, it organizes playlists, it makes playlists from your stuff, it it it just does it all! Have an album, I mean a folder that is a cd you ripped? Don't have the cover, right click and get it from Amazon. Like internet radio? Amarok streams more radio than you can shake an injunction at.
Sorry if this sounds like a techy blog..it isn't. Just sayin'.
I selected playlists and then loaded a random playlist. Amarok just loads 20 or so tunes from the collection. If you only have 60 songs then random playlist will get boring quick.
After each song is played a another one is added.
Ok, I'll stop and add a pic.

key words... for Windows and MAC and Amarok.

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